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athaarAttic @ Keong Saik and Boat Quay

Bao Liang

Bao Liang- haarAttic @ Keong Saik and Boat Quay

I don’t like people to sell me products or services, so I don’t do the same to my customers. Instead, I focus on giving them a good haircut and a good experience so that they will want to come back the next time.

Bao Liang
Stylist (Boat Quay)athaarAttic @ Keong Saik and Boat Quay

haarAttic @ Keong Saik and Boat Quay

7A Neil Road, Boat Quay

Don’t underestimate Bao Liang just because he isn’t the most high profile stylist in Haar Attic. Trained by Max early on, the Singaporean hairstylist Bao Liang has now established a strong clientele of his own with hedge fund managers, Managing Directors of MNCs, business owners and young trendy students who go to him every month for haircut and perm for the past 10 years.

You wouldn’t know that from his humble and modest personality though; whether you are a multimillionaire or just a normal working professional, Bao Liang accords everyone with the same respect and of course skill as he dedicates 100% attention to each and every customer.

And this attention shows in every detail in the cut. Preferring to use mostly scissors, Bao Liang is able to help you attain hair that is much easier to style. Having experienced the difference and the subsequent boost in confidence when friends heap compliments on their hair, many of his customers stop going to QB house and stick to Bao Liang afterwards. For those who take the leap of faith, you will likely be rewarded with oppa-style hair… and an addiction to perms as Bao Liang does it SO WELL.

Skill aside, Bao Liang is actually really interesting to talk to. He may be quiet on the outset but he is actually very widely read and keeps up with latest news thanks to his passion trading futures on the side. Whether you’re a beginner in trading or an expert, there is always something to pick up and learn from Bao Liang, making each haircut with him experience a fun one.

Overall, a highly recommended stylist particularly for men’s cut and perm.