You cannot confine yourself to one style or salon because the customers are all different. I want to be able to cater to all my customers.

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Gorgeous, petite and bubbly, Celia can easily pass off as a young woman in her early 20s. That's why we could hardly believe it when she told us that she has over 20 years of experience and has just given birth not too long ago! 

Her secret? Tailored haircuts and a good sense of humour. Hair makes up 80% of one's first impression of someone, so she focuses on giving the best impression possible by diverting people's attention from facial lines and adding a softer feminine feel. She does this via a dry cut, where she concentrates on several points to make sure that harsh lines are not visible. This point cutting technique allows Celia to bring out the hair's natural flow and movement that miraculously but effectively makes one look younger. She also recommends long layered bangs for customers whose face shapes are suitable for it as it can also make a person look more youthful. Cuts aside, ladies adore her long layered perms which add that much more style without being difficult to maintain. 

Ladies are not the only ones who benefit. Celia has a huge following among men who love that her haircuts makes them look a lot younger. These hairstyles can also be maintained for a long time, because she makes sure not to create angular outlines since they cause a person to look older when they grow out. 

While customers love her cuts and perms, Celia's enthusiasm and humour also make her very fun to be around. She is always updated on the latest happenings and is a great conversationist. There is no better way to describe her personality than: a ray of sunshine! She will brighten up your day with not just a stunning new hairstyle, but a mood-lifting conversation as well!


What Deals Are Available

5 days left

$298 for Wash & Blow + Rebond OR Perm (U.P: $355) for new customers only

Haircut, Perm, Straight

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5 days left

$109 for Haircut + Scalp Treatment (U.P: $150) for new customers only

Haircut, Treatment

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$175 for Wash & Blow + Kerastase Hair Treatment (U.P: $255) for new customers only


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5 days left

$298 for Wash & Blow +  Hair Colour + Kerastase Treatment (U.P: $455) for new customers only

Colour, Treatment

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