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I’m very grateful when customers trust me with their hair and choose to spend their hard-earned money on me. Hence, I make sure that the value of the services I give always exceeds the amount paid. Whether it is a simple service like wash and blow or more complex services like hair colour and perm, I’ll do my best to impress every single time.

StylistatBe Salon @ Millenia Walk

Be Salon @ Millenia Walk

Millenia Walk

Google Chester Soh hairstylist and you’ll get tons of raving reviews about Chester’s stunning hair colours, haircuts, perms and awesome service at his previous salon. Although many of them are bloggers, our experience with him tells us that he is genuinely like that: a very passionate hairstylist who wants to give the best to his customers.

His passion is matched only by his skill, particularly in the areas of haircut and colour. His feminine long bob is highly sought after while his men’s haircut echo that of what you get from barbershops; in order to improve his skill in men’s haircut, he requested training from a colleague who used to work in barbershops. That is just one example of Chester’s passion and pursuit of excellence.

As most of his customers are working professionals, Chester have also innovated different hair colour designs to suit their needs, including peek-a-boo hair colours as well as no-bleach balayage. His peek-a-boo hair colours allow ladies to look professional in the day and tie it up to show their wild side after work. We’re particularly in love with his no-bleach balayage as he uses the balayage technique to create texture and dimension in the hair without damaging it unnecessarily with bleach.

Overall, a very talented local stylist we would unequivocally recommend for awesome skill and amazing service!


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