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As a facial enthusiast, I've tried many facials around Singapore and until today, I haven't found one superior to the ones we have at Face+ by Yamano! That's why I choose to be here - to deliver the best facial technique and help customers see a real improvement in their skin.

Salon ManageratFace Plus By Yamano @ Orchard Central

Face Plus By Yamano @ Orchard Central

Orchard Central

It's not easy finding a good facial therapist in Singapore, particularly one who understands your frustrations with persistent skin problems and one you can trust to give genuine professional advice without hardselling services and products. 

Chrissy may be Singaporean but her level of service is nothing less than that of an authentic Japanese. From the warm greeting at the entrance to the deep bow when the customer leaves, Chrissy sets a great example of service as the Salon Manager of Face+ by Yamano. 

Maybe because of her longer tenure in Face+ as its pioneer facial therapist, Chrissy knows exactly what product will be more effective for what facial condition. She is also among the most well-versed in Yamano's time-tested facial massage technique (although the facial actually feels very similar across all therapists). Customers also love how she is able to encourage them with her own stories and testimonials from actual customers to help them improve their skin with zero hardselling!

With her many outstanding qualities, it is no wonder why many of her customers recommend their friends to her!

That's why we find Chrissy such a gem! As Chrissy had previously suffered from serious acne problems, she went around many different facial salons and tried skincare after skincare product to no avail. She turned to cosmetics to conceal her acne but the more she used, the worse her skin became. In an attempt to understand how to truly solve her skin problem, she took up facial courses to understand more about the facial structure and skin metabolism. However, it was only after she was exposed to Yamano products that her skin began to heal.

Since then, she has been a fervent ambassador for Yamano, even taking up a career as a facial therapist in Face+ to help more ladies heal their skin! Just take a look at Face Plus by Yamano's Facebook page and you'll realize that Chrissy is one of the most popular facial therapists in Face+.

What Deals Are Available

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$164 for Aroma Deap Cleansing Facial (u.p.: $205) for new customers


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$200 for Age-Defying Hydrating Facial (u.p.: $250) for new customers


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$198.40 for Kohaku Regeneration Facial (u.p.: $248) for new customers