Cyndy- COVO Japanese Hair Salon @ Katong

I appreciate every customer who comes to me and make sure I give everything I can give in terms of skill and service to deliver the very best.

Senior StylistatCOVO Japanese Hair Salon @ Katong

COVO Japanese Hair Salon @ Katong


There are many experienced hairstylists in Singapore but few made us feel as welcome and appreciated as Cyndy. From her complimentary welcome massage, in depth consultation and the little details she takes care off, Cyndy doesn’t hesitate to pull out all the stops to make your hair visit a memorable one. We think that this heart to serve stems from her over 10 years of experience in a top Japanese hair salon in Singapore with many more at other premium hair salons in the area.

It isn’t just her service that is good though; customers rave about her signature haircuts which incorporate the best of dry cuts, Japanese haircutting techniques and even a sliver of Korean style to make sure that your hair is easily manageable. Her forward long layered cuts are especially sought after as she is able to make the back of the hair feel very volume while making it light enough at the front in a way that really flatters your face shape. Her female customers especially love her haircuts as her special dry cut techniques seem to be very good at controlling unruly hair and keep the hair naturally curl inwards even without a perm. No hard lines no excessive thinning!

The only drawback is that she takes slightly a bit more time than the usual stylist as she prefers to ensure that the haircut turns out as perfect as she intends to be. For those who don’t mind taking the extra time, Cyndy would also reward you with a nice shoulder, neck and arm massage that she proactively uses massage oil for to give customers the best service she can give. It is ultimately this heart for customers that got many of them coming back to her for more than 10 years… with a number recommending family, friends and even the entire office because she is THAT good!

P.S. Cyndy occasionally plays Mobile Legends back at home, so try to contain your excitement even as you discuss with her about your fave Odette or the cool skins and events during the hair experience itself! Another cool fact - Cyndy writes online novels in her free time! Ask her what she writes about and you'll be suitably impressed - we promise!


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