Master Stylist (Kinex)
at99 Percent Hair Studio


Danson - 99 Percent Hair Studio

My Dream is to make each of my customer's hair a Masterpiece.

Master Stylist (Kinex)at99 Percent Hair Studio

99 Percent Hair Studio

Orchard Central, Haji Lane, Kinex

We at Beauty Undercover know of many stylists excellent with hair colours but Danson is one of the few we actually have on OUR speed dial. Our go-to stylist for balayage or colours requiring bleach, Danson's excellent colour and cutting technique has earned not just us but fans all the way from Jurong East who will travel hours to get their hair done by him! In fact, his lightening technique LOOKS SO GOOD, your hair still looks gorgeous 6 months after the colour. All you have to do is to go for toning and you'll get a refreshed colour afterwards... with highlights that last that long, people find his work truly value-for-money. 

Colour aside, Danson is also very strong with perms and colours as he continuously pushes himself to upgrade his skills, having consistently gone for hairdressing training in Korea and Taiwan to give himself the edge. You can therefore be sure that no matter what hair services you go for, whether colour, perm or cut, it will look DARN GOOD.

Definitely a MUST-TRY hairstylist we guarantee will BLOW YOU AWAY with his solid hairdressing skills and stunning hair colours. 

Did we also mention that Danson is also incredibly fun and honest to talk to?


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