You can save a couple of minutes by skipping steps but the lack of detail will eventually show up on the hairstyle somehow. I therefore prefer to do things step by step, right from the consultation to the hair service to make sure every step is done well for a perfect finish!

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Be Salon @ Millenia Walk

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An accounting and IT professional-turned-hairstylist, Darren brings his systematic personality to hair, delivering beautiful hairstyles consistently. Hair to him, is all about deciphering customers’ preferences as the past 9 years in this industry have already equipped him with all he needs to know to transform hair from A to B. Darren therefore emphasizes quite a bit on consultation to understand what the customer is truly looking for.

He then thinks through all that the customer shares to design a well-thought out hairstyle that they will love. It is this level of heart and detail put into the design that got customers loving his hair services.

His haircut and colours especially look very sleek as he carefully designs the structure before moving onto the details. The resulting hairstyle is therefore stylish yet easily manageable.

Skill aside, Darren is really nice to talk to. He may look a little shy at first but is very personable and down-to-earth. Conversation flows easily although he is definitely not over-chatty.

Overall, a stylist you’ll find easy to talk to!


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