Waking up with your hair looking amazing starts off the day right and gives you a confidence boost you need for a great day. That’s why I hope to gift all my customers with hair they’d be proud to show off!

StylistatDevonshire Japanese Hair Salon @ Devonshire Somerset (Previously Risel Japanese Hair Salon)

Devonshire Japanese Hair Salon @ Devonshire Somerset (Previously Risel Japanese Hair Salon)


Love Japanese-style hair colours or easy-to-manage shoulder-length cuts? Budget-conscious babes now have a lower-priced alternative which is just as good as any Japanese stylist: Doris

Customers to Devonshire Japanese Hair Salon would find Doris very familiar as she has been groomed by Japanese Hairstylists as a hair technician for the last 4 years. Having assisted Japanese stylists in most hair services, Doris has been intensively trained by across haircuts and colours. Under their tutelage, Doris' skills has improved by leaps and bounds. She doesn't just take what is taught but takes the effort to research on latest trends and incorporates them in her hair designs. This has allowed Doris' skill to improve by leaps and bounds - so much so that customers have started to request for Doris' own style of cuts and colours! We're particularly in love with her ash brown colours coupled with a curtain fringe that literally cuts years off your face.

Beyond skill, omotenashi is another reason why we love Doris so much. She may not be Japanese but her warmth, sincerity and willingness to go the extra mile makes her someone we instinctively trust. 

With skill, service, attitude and looks all in one package, Doris is certainly on our must-try list of up and coming stylists in Singapore!