My dream is to let more people know about and experience the beauty of Korean hairstyles.

Edward Kim
DirectotatDu Sol Korean Hair Salon @ Scotts Square

Du Sol Korean Hair Salon @ Scotts Square

Scotts Square

From the way his face lights up at the mention of hair, it's clear that hairdressing isn't just a career for Edward but a passion and a calling

He doesn't just design beautiful hairstyles but takes the extra effort to share about why your hair type, face shape and preferences make you more suitable for one hairstyle vs another. If you're interested, he will also share about how you can better take care of your hair to achieve celebrity-worthy hairstyles at home.

Edward takes a logical and analytical approach towards hairdressing, allowing him to solve even the most challenging hair problems that many stylists are unable to solve; a number of Edward's customers have commented that they just can't get the same hair volume via a cut elsewhere. Only Edward is able to cut in such a way that the hair is voluminous and easy to manage at the same time, a skill he learned while working in top hair salons in Korea and also hairdressing courses overseas. 

We're not the only one raving about his hairdressing skills though; he has appeared in Straits Times, MyPaper, KBS2, OKTO, Singapore Women's Weely and many more magazines for his prowess in hair. He is also the ambassador for John and Jack and hairdressing lecturer for Daegu Art University, Korean International School and many more. To keep improving his skills, he is often in contact with top hairstylists in Korea to find out the latest hair trends and that includes Soonsiki of the very famous Soonsiki Hair in Seoul. 

His impressive resume aside, what truly makes Edward a great hairstylist is to us his humility. We expected someone with such credentials to behave more like a diva but Edward surprised us with a sincere and humble personality who believes that a great hairstyle begins with listening to the customer's needs.

Maybe because he is married to a Singaporean lady, we found Edward tremendously easy to talk to. Whether you're chatting about hair or non-hair topics, Edward can speak very fluently in a Korean-accented Singlish that we found really endearing. 

Overall, a Korean hairstylist we would highly recommend!

P.S. Edward often goes for courses and outside events so do make your appointments at least a week in advance to make sure that he is available!