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Face Plus By Yamano @ Orchard Central

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Despite the facial being standardized, we find the facial by Roxanne feeling particularly comfortable and personal. She jokes that this is because her hands are a bit more "meaty" than the other facial therapists so the touch feels very good. Roxanne also makes it a point not to talk too much during the facial so customers can enter dreamland more easily. After the facial though, Roxanne enjoys sharing her opinion on what works best for your skin and this may even include some DIY tips at times! 

A professed fan of 女人我最大, Roxanne made taking care of her skin first priority since she was a teenager, often finding out all about the latest skincare advice and trying the latest products or services. After she found out about Yamano's products and tried Yamano's facial for herself, Roxanne was hooked - nowhere else offered the same effectiveness and level of service as Yamano! She became intrigued and eventually applied to be a facial therapist to find out more about Yamano (and experience Yamano's facial regularly :D). 

Have you met one of those ladies with face so flawless, they have no marks, no scars, just supple, fair and moisturized? Yup, that's Roxanne! 

Overall, a genuine Singaporean facial therapist we find very easy to connect with!

What Deals Are Available

4 days left

$120 for Essential Facial (u.p.: $150) for new customers from 11:00-16:00 only


4 days left

$136 for Age-Defying Facial (u.p.: $170) for new customers from 11:00-16:00 only