Nothing brings me more satisfaction than to see people healed from their skin ailments!

Facial TherapistatSONA Japanese Skin Studio @ Tanjong Pagar

SONA Japanese Skin Studio @ Tanjong Pagar

Tanjong Pagar Road

Carefully chosen by Shiori for her exceptional skill and bubbly personality, Emily is the type of therapist who makes you look forward to the next salon visit.

Because of her comprehensive training with Shiori, her years of experience as a beautician in Los Angeles and because she herself had problems with acne previously, Emily is able to accurately pinpoint the root of your skin issues really quickly and create a customized cocktail of treatments that can help you see a visible difference in a single session. 

Beyond the effectiveness of her treatments, Emily’s genuinely helpful and friendly personality combined with a high level of Japanese service is another reason why she has been drawing more and more customers! Passionate about helping customers, Emily loves to share about her personal experiences and skincare solutions and tips that have worked for her and other customers in past.  It is also really easy to talk to her about topics other than beauty; given her varied experiences and a degree from USC in Los Angeles, she can connect with customers on various levels, whether it is about work-related matters, travel or even relationships!

Interestingly, Emily is also half Japanese. On top of being bilingual, Emily also delivers the high level of personal and thoughtful service characteristic of Japanese therapists.

Overall, a skillful and cheerful therapist who makes facials an enjoyable experience!