Master Stylist (Orchard Central)
at99 Percent Hair Studio


Fion - 99 Percent Hair Studio

I believe that my job as a hairstylist is to let all my customers walk out of the salon looking and feeling more confident about themselves!

Master Stylist (Orchard Central)at99 Percent Hair Studio

99 Percent Hair Studio

Orchard Central, Haji Lane, Kinex

You’ll know why Fion is so popular in 99 Percent the minute you walk through the door. The welcoming smile, the thoughtful conversation and skilled hair designs make her one of the most demanded hairstylists wherever she goes. She remembers your name, your occupation and can even resume the last conversation you had with her. It is this familiarity that allows Fion to create hairstyles more suited to your lifestyle without even needing to ask a bunch of questions. It is also this familiarity that allows us to create a rapport like no other.

You'll therefore find that many of her customers stay with her for more than 5 years. She has since seen a number of her customers grow up, get married and even have children. As she goes through the very same life stages, Fion understands the struggles that you go through when you first go to work, when you want to get married and when you have a child. 

You don't have to tell her that you want to do a haircut, colour or perm. She will do a thorough consultation with you, understand your lifestyle and give you suggestions for a makeover. Fion doesn't push you to do everything at once... in fact, she doesn't push or sell at all. She likes to share how a specific service can help make your life easier and how you can slowly spread it out to eliminate the hair problems you're facing to reach your dream hair. Beyond hair though, Fion also shares some makeup knowledge as a makeup artist in such a way that fits your lifestyle. Fion is particularly admirable as she takes the time to upgrade herself in Vidal Sassoon as well as top hair academies in Korea despite her full schedule and family commitments.

The end result? A brand new you that you'd be happy to show off to family, friends and colleagues! 

Overall, an outstanding hairstylist who'll deliver not just a stunning hairstyle change but a full image makeover and a wonderful hair experience!


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