Gary- Kudos by Headlines Hairdressing @ Chinatown Hong Lim Complex

Many people have helped along and blessed me along this journey. Hence, I think it only right for me to do the same for others.

atKudos by Headlines Hairdressing @ Chinatown Hong Lim Complex

Kudos by Headlines Hairdressing @ Chinatown Hong Lim Complex

Hong Lim Complex

Mention Gary from Headlines Hairdressing and you'll find that there're few in the industry who haven't yet heard of him. His skills in colour and perms are so strong that he was even chosen to be an educator for L'Oreal and MUCOTA previously! Whether you're talking about sleek, sophisticated hairstyles suitable for daily work or artistic colours sufficiently outstanding for hair shows and editorial photoshoots, Gary excels at bringing dream hairstyles to life. That can mean perming, colour or even just a haircut.

Just like a sculptor, a cut is not just a cut for Gary. It is the base for which the rest of the hair services can layer upon so Gary makes sure he uses different tools to carve different parts of the sculpture. Don't be surprised therefore to see Gary using different scissors for building the base, for layering and yet another one to give a softer feel to the hair. Once satisfied, Gary will then layer on the highlights or even modify your hair texture to bring out movement and dynamism within the hair.

This systematic approach enabled Gary to consistently design beautiful hairstyles that gets compliments for customers, so much so that they'll introduce their friends, family and the entire kampong to Gary. In fact, that's how we got to know Gary; one of our air stewardess friends call him the best kept secret among stewardesses. Without needing to explain too much, Gary is able to deliver a stunning hair makoever that still keeps within the strict hair code necessary for Singapore Girls. Best part is, price is actually very competitive given his level of skill. 

The only drawback? Gary has been frequently invited overseas to hair seminars to share his knowledge with stylists in China and around the region, so it's actually pretty difficult to find an available appointment slot with him. COVID-19 has however opened up his schedule a little, making him more accessible to the rest of us so take advantage of this opportunity with you can! Don't say we bojio!

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15% off Rinka Straightening Treatment + Haircut + Free La Biosthetique Scalp Treatment (U.P.: $260-350)

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15% off all hair service for new customer to kudos

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$150 full head coloring with la Biosthetique scalp treatment & haircut. (unlimited hair length) U.P 290

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$250 mucota omega therapy perm with la Biosthetique scalp treatment & haircut. U.P $450

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