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I want to bridge 2D anime characters with reality and make anime characters come to life!

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It's obvious within moments of meeting him that Hajime is no ordinary hairstylist. 

With his trendy haircut and good-looking features, Hajime looks more like a J-Pop Star than a Japanese stylist. His good looks (and amazing breakdance) aren't the only reasons why he is so popular though; Hajime does such stunning hair colours and styling that he is able to make almost anyone look like a manga / anime character. Cosplayers no longer have to wear a wig to get hair as pink as Nanami, orange as Ichigo or yellow as Naruto; you can colour and style your hair exactly like what you see in the anime and have that colour for days under Hajime's expert hands. 

Of course, colour isn't his only specialty. Hajime he loves to create hairstyles with the ending styling needs in mind. If you don't style your hair, Hajime will create a haircut that looks good without styling. However, if you do style your hair, he will cut a different style so that you can have 5 different looks with a single cut! This is probably the reason why he was awarded Excellence award in a hairdressing competition in Kanto area of Japan.

Overall, a good-looking, friendly and creative hairstylist who would go the extra mile to give you that haircut and colour that is distinctively you.

P.S. Hajime has been working in Singapore for more than 2 years now and can communicate quite fluently in English!