Stylist (Boat Quay)
athaarAttic @ Keong Saik and Boat Quay


Han- haarAttic @ Keong Saik and Boat Quay

I’m no psychologist but it gives me utmost satisfaction to have my customers come in the door slouching but leaving with confidence in their eyes and their heads held high.

Stylist (Boat Quay)athaarAttic @ Keong Saik and Boat Quay

haarAttic @ Keong Saik and Boat Quay

7A Neil Road, Boat Quay

How many times have you gone to the stylist only to have them reject your hairstyle and suggest something stereotypical instead? To reduce the chances of things going wrong, we often observe conservative stylists sticking to hairstyles that fit stereotypical beauty – that may mean rebonding curly hair, keeping men’s hairstyles short and sticking to dark hair colours for root retouch for those of us experiencing greying hair.

Skill aside, we love getting our hair done with Han. He’s fun, easy to talk to and just so bright and cheery. Whenever we feel down, Han’s infectious energy will cheer us up again. His emotional resilience was however nurtured over the down periods he had in the past; for those who’re interested, make the effort to get to know Han and you’ll probably be as inspired as we are about him.

That’s why Han feels very much like a whiff of fresh air. Instead of assuming that you want a certain hairstyle, Han takes the effort to listen without judging and based on his skill and experience, creatively provide you with a route to get to your desired hairstyle. Even if you aren’t able to achieve it on that day itself, Han will make sure that he works with you to get there eventually.

Thanks to his repertoire of experiences at some of the top colour and perm salons in Singapore, Han is particularly skilled in colour correction and perms. Even if you have your hair damaged elsewhere, he knows exactly what you can do to get that exact shade of platinum or rose gold in your hair. Even for those of you with curly hair, Han is one of the few who is skilled enough to retain quite a bit of your curls with Keratin Treatment.

P.S. Other than hair, Han is really awesome with makeup and dressing so do ask him for advice if you have an interest in this area!