Leading Stylist (Orchard Central)
at99 Percent Hair Studio


Hazel - 99 Percent Hair Studio

Sometimes, I see my role as a fairy godmother; like how she transforms Cinderella into a princess, I want to do the same and help customers see an even more beautiful version of themselves via a 360 makeover!

Leading Stylist (Orchard Central)at99 Percent Hair Studio

99 Percent Hair Studio

Orchard Central, Haji Lane, Kinex

Fun-loving yet down-to-earth, stylish yet subtle, cool and sweet all at the same time, Hazel is one of our favourite stylists to go to in 99 Percent. You'll never find her bragging about herself because she is humble like that. However, her colours are among the most stunning in the salon. We attribute it to her strong foundation as one of the most sought after technician in her previous salon and even in 99 Percent in her early years before she became a stylist. Her years of training as a makeup artist also helps her look at hair from a more holistic perspective as she designs hair colours that best matches one's features and even makeup routine. 

Despite loving cosplay (her halloween makeup is one of the BEST we've seen!!!), you'd be relieved to note that Hazel is actually pretty good with work-friendly hairstyles. She doesn't push her personal preferences but chooses to listen to what you need, a reason why a lot of ladies with high expectations such as air stewardesses and influencers for their hair go to her. Colours aside, she's very good with texture control thanks to her eye for detail, which makes her anti-frizz treatments particularly effective (and error-free). 

Overall, a up and coming stylist with outstanding skill we'd not hesitate to recommend!


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