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Henry Lim

It takes a lot of trust for customers to walk in and let a stranger they do not know handle their hair. I appreciate this trust a lot and would therefore pull out all the stops to make sure that they put their trust in the right person.

Henry Lim
StylistatBe Salon @ Millenia Walk

Be Salon @ Millenia Walk

Millenia Walk

A stylist who prefers to keep a low profile and shy away from the limelight, you won’t find Henry featured in magazines or photoshoots. His legendary skill in haircuts and Caucasian foilyage and highlights however makes him the Best Kept Secret for his customers. He has after all more than 18 years of experience serving customers from the higher echelons of society, counting Managing Directors, Pilots and Bankers as his loyal customers.

While Henry is good across all services including haircut, perms and rebonding, his signature hair service is micro highlights, a celebrity-worthy service that can make you look as sleek as Jessica Alba.

No zebra lines, no leakage, just super classy highlights that gets you noticed… without needing much maintenance on a daily basis.

Perfect even for those of you fussy about how well the highlights are done.

Skill aside, Henry’s service is tip-top as he is extremely patient and attentive throughout the hair service. Not surprising given his background that premium hair salons in Singapore!

Overall, a veteran hairstylist you can trust to deliver sleek and classy hairstyles along with an enjoyable hair experience each and every time!


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