My customers are my friends, my family and my mentors. They have given me so much during their time with me, it is my hope to touch their lives equivalently and brighten their day somewhat!

Senior StylistatCOVO Japanese Hair Salon @ Katong

COVO Japanese Hair Salon @ Katong


Irene may not be Japanese but this Singaporean stylist might as well have been. Observe how she treats her customers and you'll understand why we say that. 

Warm and approachable but not in any way boisterous, Irene treats every customer with an omotenashi that makes customers instantly relax around her. During the consultation, Irene patiently listens without talking over the customer or dismissing their concerns and instead giving her recommendations professionally and respectfully in a way that shows that she has taken your thoughts into consideration. By the time Irene picks up her scissors and starts cutting, whatever doubts you may have will magically disappear; her 17 years of experience in the industry has honed her skill so much so that she can tame your hair and give it that extra oomph of personality. Of her different cutting styles, we're most impressed with her pixie haircuts that boosts your personality without detracting from your femininity. Customers in the know will also tell you that Irene is superb with rebonding as she makes sure that every litlte detail is taken care of - all while miniimizing hair damage in the process. 

Beyond her hairdressing skills though, we found a friend in her presence. A friend who listens to her customers' troubles without judgment, a friend whose heart wrenches for you and roots for you even in your darkest moments. A friend who would gently remind you not to buy XXX hair products if you don't have the time to use it.  

Overall a sincere and skillful Singaporean stylist you will want to return to for life... especially if you stay near Katong!


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