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atMi The Salon @ ION Orchard


只要我真心以待, 我认为顾客是感觉得到的!

Leading StylistatMi The Salon @ ION Orchard

Mi The Salon @ ION Orchard

ION Orchard

Not many people know this but Ivan is one of the few stylists we’ve seen with a Diploma in Computer Science. He may not be able to chat with you at length about advanced coding after 11 years as a hairstylist but we can still see the impact of his IT training in the systematic way he approaches hair.

Careful to ensure that every step is done well, Ivan doesn’t rush into the hairstyle, preferring to take the time to check the hair condition and understand customer needs. This has resulted in consistently great hairstyles that his customers love! Due to his conscientiousness, experience in judging hair condition and strong background in hair knowledge, Ivan is particularly noted for his skill in producing hair colours that blend really well even if drastic colour correction is required. He is also the person to look for if you want naturally straight hair that does not look too flat –soft straightening!

On top of his colouring and skill in soft straightening, we love how easy it is to just chat with him. Not overly flamboyant, Ivan is one of those approachable types who make it easy for us to relax around him and just leave our tresses in his care.