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Some directors may feel cool or stand offish, but Jacqueline instantly makes you feel warm and invited — you’ll definitely smile at her contagious smile!

As she’s all about making customers feel comfortable, speaking to her feels like you’re speaking to an old friend. And we just love that!

Like her own hair, she loves bleach, bright colours, and playful short hairstyles. One thing we think truly stands out about Jacqueline is that she knows everyone can pull off short hair.

It's not about suiting short hair, it's about how you cut it.

Even for customers who think they may have more bloating in their face or a rounder face shape, Jacqueline believes that the right style works. She doesn't just do regular bobs or pixies, but finds space between regular short hairstyles to create something unique for you and your face shape.

The reason why she prefers short hairstyles over long hairstyles? There is more challenge, room to experiment, and texture. Of course, that's not to say she doesn't work on long hair, because Jacqueline has long-term customers with all hairstyles and lengths!

She's also known for her multi-coloured hair colours that fade beautifully.

Even when it fades, it must still look nice!

Through experimenting and over 20 years of experience, Jacqueline knows how to best mix colours to ensure an even fade and multiple colour experiences. She even tells customers how the colour will fade over the coming weeks!

She first entered the industry because many of her family members were hairstylists. Now, she lives to see the contagious customer satisfaction and happiness, with customers bringing their entire family to her! Definitely a stylist you NEED to try!

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