Master Stylist (Haji Lane)
at99 Percent Hair Studio


Jaron- 99 Percent Hair Studio

Making customers look good is just the prerequisite. I want to continually push new boundaries and create fashion-forward hairstyles that inspire the industry!

Master Stylist (Haji Lane)at99 Percent Hair Studio

99 Percent Hair Studio

Orchard Central, Haji Lane, Kinex

No longer just a stylist with a dream, Jaron's efforts in pushing the industry forward has been recognized after being selected as one of the only 3 hairstylists in Singapore to be part of Wella's Dream Team. This isn't just testament to his skills as a hairdresser but also his creativity and vision as he influences the hair trends of hairstylists in Singapore and beyond.

While this elevates him to the status of a celebrity stylist as he travels all over Asia to showcase Singapore's hair designs, we're glad to find Jaron still down-to-earth and rooted to the values that made him so popular in the first place: a sincerity and humility towards customers. Even until today, you won't find Jaron acting like a diva simply because that's not who he is. Instead, he takes the time to listen to your requirements and design a hairstyle just for you. As a professional however, he won't just do exactly as you say. Jaron will share his professional opinion and discuss with you to co-create a hairstyle that best suits you. If he says that a hairstyle is not easy to manage, try not to go ahead with the hairstyle because it will turn out exactly as he predicted... a skill he honed through years of experience and continuous training in top hair academies like Vidal Sassoon, Mazella & Palmer as well as Debut Hair.

Having immense talent and years of experience behind him, this is a stylist who delivers outstanding hairstyles whether you're thinking of a colour, cut or perm with almost zero mistakes. 

He's however travelling quite a bit due to his commitments as a Wella Ambassador but if you do catch him, you can look forward to a innovative new fashion-forward hairstyle you'll be proud to wear to work, each time!


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