There are so many hairstylists out there. For customers to meet and try my services is, to me, a kind of divine intervention! I cherish them a lot and that's why I make sure that I always give my best and am 100% honest with them.

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Take a look at her works and you’ll know what we mean. Aside from gorgeous colours, Jonas is able to cut and style hair in such a way to give you that clean and effortless Korean pop star look without going over. She credits both her excellent haircutting and colouring skill to the intensive training she received at top Japanese hair salons over the past 10 years. Customers who has given Jonas a try rave about how her bob haircut stays in shape for months and best of all, does not “qiao” afterwards – something very few stylists can do. As she herself sports pixie haircuts, Jonas has also been complimented for her trendy pixie cuts that customers say make them look and feel more confident.

Most of the time, we hear about friends talking about how they love Korean stylists for their trendy Korean styles but Japanese stylists for their exquisite service. But what if there’s a stylist who can deliver both… without the associated miscommunication?

Skill aside, anyone who've tried Jonas will know that she is a special one. There is a sincerity and honesty about her that makes her particularly easy to connect with. She doesn't burden you with the superficial small talk that can sometimes feel so tiring to go through but once you open up to her, you’ll find Jonas one of the best listeners you can ever find.

Soft-spoken and humble, Jonas has a genuine heart for customers and it comes through in every action she makes – from taking a warm cup of water and offering you some sweets when you cough to offering you a blanket when you first sit down.

In many ways, she shows that she truly puts the customer first, making us feel extremely fortunate to find her.

The only hairstylist influencers like @311km trust, Jonas is a local stylist that has been soaring in popularity lately thanks to her ability to deliver perfect k-star vibe that highly sought after in Korea and China - while delivering exquisite service befitting of a Japanese stylist!

Overall, an amazingly talented local stylist we’re sure to impress you.


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$230 for Cut + Perm + Treatment (U.P.: $270)

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