I'm really happy to see customers recover their self-confidence after seeing visible results from my scalp treatments!

Senior TrichologistatPapilla Haircare @ Ngee Ann City Takashimaya

Papilla Haircare @ Ngee Ann City Takashimaya

Ngee Ann City Tower B

If the fear of getting hardsold is keeping you from stepping into a haircare centre, Kai is the gem you should definitely try!

We've heard raving reviews from actual customers about how Kai doesn't hardsell services AT ALL and in fact, recommends lifestyle tips to improve your scalp health without requiring you to top up for services. You'll never find him disparaging your scalp health just to get you to purchase services because he's just not like that. Instead, he is very encouraging and tries all ways to help you see results as soon as possible within your budget. 

His positive approach towards improving scalp health along with his gentle and chatty disposition has allowed him to build a huge base of loyal customers who look specifically for Kai each time. Among his most ardent fan is a 28 year old customer whose scalp condition was so bad that she had to wear a hat EVERY time she heads out. After consistent treatment of just a couple of months, her hair thickened so much that she finally dared to venture without her signature hat. This is just one of the many examples Kai's assistance has transformed the life of others, a reason why he is so highly demanded in Papilla.