Scalp Therapist
atSalon Vim @ Wisma Atria


I can't perform miracles but when customers entrust their hair to me, I'll make sure that they see improvement in their scalp condition!

Scalp TherapistatSalon Vim @ Wisma Atria

Salon Vim @ Wisma Atria

Wisma Atria

We haven't met many scalp therapists / hairstylists who can accurately pinpoint the scalp issues and explain clearly and comprehensively about the factors and how the associated treatments can help. That's why we were SO impressed with Katherine! 

Beyond having a very strong understanding of scalp from her previous experience as a therapist in a specialized hair spa, Katherine is able to eloquently articulate what the hair issues are and give Agent G the most thorough and detailed scalp consultation she's ever received! We love how logical Katherine was as she went through the consultation step by step and how she goes beyond her scope of work by recommending simple homecare tips to better maintain our scalp. 

Given her evidence-based methodology and honesty, we're not surprised to note that Katherine is among the most popular scalp therapists in Salon Vim! Word of mouth recommendations for Katherine is particularly strong as she has helped numerous customers with genetic hair loss, eczema or stubborn oily scalp improve their scalp condition!

If you've lost all hope in your scalp condition, we would highly recommend you to give Katherine a go... she may not be able to perform miracles but she definitely has the ability to help you improve your scalp condition!