Leading Stylist (Haji Lane)
at99 Percent Hair Studio


Katherine - 99 Percent Hair Studio

A lot of people see art as free-flow creativity. But for me, there has to be a logic, a structure within the creativity for the art to be understood. The same goes for hair; there must be a neatness, a structure from which the creativity can be built upon for a truly stunning hairstyle.

Leading Stylist (Haji Lane)at99 Percent Hair Studio

99 Percent Hair Studio

Orchard Central, Haji Lane, Kinex

We can't help but doubletap on almost every photo when we took a look at Katherine's IG account. There is a certain balance in the colours, haircut, hair shape and even styling that gets us going "hmm... that looks nice!" 

This is the culmination of her 10 years of experience as Katherine established a personal style she can call her own. No matter how loud her colours are, you can see a certain structure, a point of highlight within the hairstyle that gets us going wow. When the hair is straight, it is straight. When the hair is curl, it curls sufficiently, there is no compromise, no middle ground, so the hair looks exactly like what it should be. 

As much as Katherine keeps up with the latest trends, she prefers to recommend the right colour to the right customers to bring out their personality. That's why you won't find her recommending loud colours to all her customers. Instead, Katherine does a thorough consultation to understand your lifestyle, your personality and your habits before tailoring the final hairstyle to you. That's why more than 80% of customers who've given her a try go back to her; she finds a colour / haircut that fits them to the tee! 

Overall, a highly talented Singaporean stylist you can trust for a work-friendly or an insta-worthy hairstyle!

P.S. Did we also mention that Katherine is very knowledgeable about Texture Control as well? Talk to her about options to help control frizz and she'll gladly share what best suits your hair type!


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