I don't just want to make your hair look good. I want to understand what hair problems you have and solve them for you.

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Kimistry Hair Boutique

Scotts Square

It's in the twinkle of his eyes, the approachable smile and the ease with which he interacts with his customers.

This isn't just someone who cuts hair because this is his job; it is clear that Kazz is a stylist who loves what he does! He's one of the first who loves finding out what the latest treatments are and how they can be used to help customers manage their hair. He's also very proactive in keeping up with latest trends and modifying them to suit his customers' needs. This commitment to help customers achieve their ideal frizz-free hairstyle together with his fun-loving personality area reasons why he was so well-reviewed back in his time at COVO Katong where he attained the position of Top Stylist.

Among the different services, we are most impressed with his hair colour and treatments; Kazz knows exactly where to insert that pop of colour to brighten up your hair while still keeping it work-friendly. He is also an expert in mixing unique work-friendly colours to achieve an ash brown / ash lavender or ash green that may not even require bleaching! Colours aside, he is the most well-versed in COVO's signature treatments such as NOV and Keratin Treatments, so do approach him for advice if you want to know more.

Overall, a jovial stylist who will make your hair experience a memorable one.

P.S. If you're a frequent traveller, don't forget to talk to him about his exotic travels to places as far as Bolivia, Peru and Guam!