Stylist (Keong Saik)
athaarAttic @ Keong Saik and Boat Quay


Kelvin- haarAttic @ Keong Saik and Boat Quay

There are so many dimensions – from head shape, hair texture, hair growth pattern to past history and customers’ personality, face shape and lifestyle that have to be taken into consideration when designing a hairstyle. I relish the challenge and aim to exceed customers’ expectations every single time.

Stylist (Keong Saik)athaarAttic @ Keong Saik and Boat Quay

haarAttic @ Keong Saik and Boat Quay

7A Neil Road, Boat Quay

Kelvin isn’t the chattiest stylist in Haar Attic but raving reviews and packed schedules will tell you that he is among the most highly demanded in the salon. Take a look at his IG @kelvinkhor and you’ll understand why.

Whether male or female, Kelvin’s customers are used to receiving compliments after going for a hair service by him, as he delivers clean and professional cuts with a dash of style. Thanks to his attention to detail, he is able to sculpt your head and hair shape in such a way that upgrades your overall look without needing to go for a dramatic makeover. You’ll also love how his haircuts last a really long time as he cuts according to your hair growth pattern.

For men who desire a bigger change, we highly recommend his male perms. As Kelvin does men’s perm day in and day out, he knows exactly what type of hair is suitable for perm and at what length is necessary for you to achieve that Korean oppa look. So for those of you who’re keen, we highly recommend you to schedule a haircut with him to better understand your suitability and timeframe for a perm.

He's not just popular among men though. His gorgeous bob haircuts and trendy highlights have caught the attention of ladies who love his classy styles.

Skill aside, we really enjoyed the hair experience with Kelvin. Despite his success in the industry, Kelvin has no airs around him and doesn’t sell any additional service or products at all… simply because he’s just not that type of person. Instead, he does his best to make sure that you are well taken care all the time – this means bringing you a drink even before you get thirsty, talking you through the entire process and making sure that you’re comfortable.

It is this comfort and his consistency of skill that makes Kelvin one of our favourite hairstylists to recommend for both males and female friends in Singapore!