Winnie cured my acne and changed my life... so I hope to do the same for all the ladies who come to me!

Facial TherapistatThe Bund Beauty @ Ang Mo Kio Bishan Park

The Bund Beauty @ Ang Mo Kio Bishan Park

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There are some beauticians who are born with beautiful skin but often, we find the most convincing beauticians to be those who were previously facing skin issues. They know exactly what we feel and understand the frustrations of not being able to find a good beauty regimen that suits our skin. Kim is a very good example. Having gone to more than a dozen facial salons in a desperate bid to solve her acne problems, Kim was devastated when none could solve her oily congested skin and later, acne scarring problems. It was only after meeting Winnie who systematically and patiently dealt with her skin, did her skin eventually recover. This got her really inspired and is a reason why she started learning under Winnie years ago.

Of all the steps in the process, she is particularly strong in extraction because this is the step that she believes makes the largest impact for customers. While making sure that it is as painless as possible, her extraction is precise and thorough. She also combines skill with knowledge as she extracts only the pus that is ready to be removed. Add her personal experience of dealing with acne and recovering from it and you've got a therapist who has successfully helped and inspired many to get better. 

Overall, a very knowledgeable and understanding facial therapist who is really good at what she does!

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