I just want to make my customers smile.

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Kimistry Hair Boutique

Scotts Square

Koki's smile may be a little awkward in photos but is in person one of the warmest, kindest and most humble Japanese stylists we've met in Singapore. From the first moment you enter till the moment you leave, Koki will dedicate his full attention to you and make the hair experience a great one. You don't have to worry that he will chat with you the whole time - he won't. Instead, he feels like an お兄さん (older brother in Japanese) who will offer to give you a shoulder massage if you're tired, provide you with drinks and snacks when you're feeling peckish and just check in with you to make sure you're comfortable. He is also a good listener who would do his best to understand your lifestyle, your needs and your preferences before designing a hairstyle for you. (Yes, we're in love with his low soothing voice too, haha!)

Don't expect him to give you a cookie cutter hairstyle though; Koki would incorporate your comments and share his professional opinion before going ahead with the hair service! Though Koki is strong across all hair services, we are particularly fond of his short bobs as he can personalize each bob to accentuate each customer's facial features. He doesn't just leave the bob as it is after the cut but enjoys adding a pop of colour with grey highlights on the inside for that zing in your hairstyle. 

Add his wonderful scalp and shoulder massage skills and you've got an awesome  stylist you can be sure will give you a beautiful hair makeover along with a relaxing hair experience!