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StylistatToki+LIM Hair Salon @ Raffles Hotel Arcade

Toki+LIM Hair Salon @ Raffles Hotel Arcade

Raffles Hotel Arcade

Kyonmi speaks and acts so much like a Japanese, we're flabbergasted to find that she's actually Korean!

One of the few Koreans who was born in Japan and lived there all her life, Kyonmi's Japanese language is better than Korean and is more familiar with Japanese stars than Korean. In fact, her career in hairdressing was kickstarted when she first saw Kimura Takuya in the hit TV drama Beautiful Life where he acted as a hairdresser.

Her first job? A hair assistant in the Less Is More Hair Salon in Osaka more than 17 years ago. Having recognized her talent early on, the bosses for the LIM group took the time to personally guide and groom her, making her one of the fastest hair assistants to be promoted as a hairstylist. Since then, everything else is history. With her talent, charisma and versatility, Kyonmi became really popular and counts even celebrities as her paying customers! Not satisfied with her success, Kyonmi took 4 years off LIM Group and worked in Korean hair salons in Seoul to upgrade herself and pick up Korean perm techniques. The moment she came back to Japan, the LIM Group handpicked Kyonmi to become one of the founding stylists to come to Singapore.

Unsurprisingly, Kyonmi is today one of LIM's most popular hairstylists in Singapore. She remains humble but credits her success to her adherence to the LIM mantra: Less is More. She doesn't push customers to rebond their hair simply because its curly and frizzy but instead explore different ways to refine customers' hair and make it easier to manage while preserving their original texture as much as possible. Customers with difficult hair texture will love how she can tame their hair significantly with just haircut alone. Easy manageability aside, she is especially skilled with giving haircuts that are chic and elegant without being over-the-top. As she enters her 30s, Kyonmi is also researching and exploring ways to take years off the face with haircut alone, something her clients really appreciate. 

This doesn't mean that she does only haircuts though. Her training back in Korea gave her an insight into Korean styles and the techniques they use to make it easily manageable. She has since created her own fusion Japanese-Korean style perm that is lighter yet requires minimal maintenance. Perms aside, Kyonmi enjoys highlighting sections of customers' hair to bring out their best features and still using minimal levels of bleach. 

Skill wise, Kyonmi undoubtedly one of the top Korean/Japanese stylists we've met but it is her personality that makes a deep impression. It's not just easy to talk to (she's VERY fluent in English), there is a warm sincerity that makes it comfortable even for customers to ask her out after work for beer. She's not just a typical stylist but a friend you know you can rely on. 

We can't decide if she's more Korean / Japanese but what we know is that Kyonmi is a stylist you MUST NOT miss if you enjoy a great conversation along with a chic sophisticated Japanese-Korean style of hair!