I'm very grateful to all the customers who put their trust in me. I promise to do my best each and every single time and keep improving my techniques so that customers can achieve total rest with my massage!

Spa TherapistatLePetit Spa @ Tanglin Mall Tudor Court

LePetit Spa @ Tanglin Mall Tudor Court

Tudor Court, Tanglin Mall

Perhaps its her genuine smile or perhaps tangible passion for her work, Jojo puts a smile on our faces each time we meet her. Eager to please, Jojo goes the extra mile to make the massage experience comfortable for us; from offering drinks at the beginning to checking the temperature and ensuring that the massage was good along the way, she makes her every customer feel special through her attentive service and patient personality.

Although her years of experience may not be as long as other therapists in the salon, Jojo's aromatherapy massage is surprisingly good as she is very accurate with the accupressure points and the pressure just right; not too strong and not too light. We couldn't help but drift off to dreamland as she laid her hands on our aching muscles. 

Despite being talented in this area, Jojo doesn't rest on her laurels and continues to go for training workshops to hone her skills, picking up more advanced massage techniques to benefit her customers.

Overall, a massage therapist whose exceptional service and good skill make her one of our preferred therapists in Le Petit Spa!