Senior Stylist
atSalon Vim @ Wisma Atria


No matter how tired I am, customers' trust in me keeps me going!

Senior StylistatSalon Vim @ Wisma Atria

Salon Vim @ Wisma Atria

Wisma Atria

Regular customers to Salon Vim would recognize Mary as one of Salon Vim's most competent and most conscientious hair assistants. Even if you let her play with your hair blindfolded, Mary is able to share with you the state of your hair condition and what you need to nurse it back to health!

Now that she's been promoted to senior stylist, Mary is now the perfect person to go to for a texturizing perm! With her strong knowledge of hair and solid grounding in chemical services, Mary knows just what your hair needs to get that volume without damaging your hair excessively! Ask her anything and she would also be able to explain to you why she decides on a particular treatment or hair service for you.

Patient and approachable, Mary is also an easy hairstylist to go back again and again!