Stylist (Keong Saik)
athaarAttic @ Keong Saik and Boat Quay


Matthew- haarAttic @ Keong Saik and Boat Quay

A hair makeover can transform a person and make them feel better about themselves. Seeing the joy on customers' faces as I unveil their new look gives me immense satisfaction!

Stylist (Keong Saik)athaarAttic @ Keong Saik and Boat Quay

haarAttic @ Keong Saik and Boat Quay

7A Neil Road, Boat Quay

Having travelled all the way to Taiwan and Korea for training, Matthew is one of the few who trained directly under Taiwanese and Korean stylists for perms. Unsurprisingly, that emerges as one of his specialties. Whether your hair is long or mid-length, Matthew knows just what to do to give your hair the sexy waves without making it hard to manage. With a characteristically trendy vibe, Matthew’s colours too have also earned him fans for trendy highlights.

Matthew may be among the most good-looking stylists in Haar Attic but don't let his good looks detract you from his hairdressing skill.

Thanks to his experience working at a top salon in Singapore previously, you can also expect Matthew to deliver friendly and attentive service. Be it conversations on travel, being gentle throughout the experience and making sure that you are comfortable, Matthew goes the extra mile to make sure that you have a good time!