Everyone's personality is different. Instead of giving a cookie-cutter cut, I always do my best to give all my customers a makeover haircut that brings out a different side to them.

Top Stylist atCOVO Japanese Hair Salon @ Katong

COVO Japanese Hair Salon @ Katong


Look beneath Mizuho's casual appearance and you'll find a hairstylist serious about her craft. 

More observant than most, she has built up a repertoire of hairstyle and skills in the past 13 years as a hairstylist, thinking about how to create the best hairstyle for each face shape and hair texture. The result - hairstyle that is not just easily manageable but also stylish as well. 

Feel free to share with her your preferences as she will take that into consideration to create a customized cut for you! Mizuho is gradually picking up English although she may need help from the receptionist at times to make sure that she got your preferences right. 

Overall, a hairstylist you can trust to make a lasting cut you'll love!


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20% off All Menu valid for new customers only with stylists Irene, Cyndy, Chika and Mika

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$130 for Eclasta silky + scalp cleaning spa + wash & blow (up to$170) for stylists Irene, Kei, Sara, Cyndy, and Chika


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