Some of us have low self-confidence because of what we are born with. My dream is to give people back their confidence by turning them from ordinary to extraordinary... with hair techniques!

Senior StylistatAct Point Salon @ Midpoint Orchard

Act Point Salon @ Midpoint Orchard

Midpoint Orchard

Nick may just have entered the industry about 5-6 years ago but his wisdom and passion far exceeds his years. This is after all someone who became a stylist hoping to help others the way his stylist helped him.

You see, Nick was always feeling bad about his looks when he was young. It was only after getting a good cut and perm from his stylist that he realized how much of a difference a good hairstyle makes to a person’s life.

That is why his goal whenever a customer comes to him is to find out what his/her hair problem is and solve it for them. Whether it is hair that is too flat, curls that are too frizzy to manage or face that looks too big for your liking, Nick will devise a solution that will solve your problem AND make you look great.

The solution often comes in the form of perms, the service that Nick has honed most of his skills in. Maybe because of his training in graphic design and photography as a student, Nick has a good eye for beauty and is able to create glamorous perms that are easy to manage; this will often include a combination of straightening at the top and curls at the bottom to achieve the loose waves you see on Korean stars… without requiring you to spend a lot of time styling.

Nick is so good with perms that even his male customers pester him to get their hair permed; as Nick himself perms his hair all the time, he knows exactly how to perm their hair to attain a natural volume with no curls.

Skill aside, Nick stands out for his willingness to go the extra mile for customers; he doesn’t just proceed with the hair service but makes sure that he explains what he is doing every step of the way so that you feel less nervous and is kept informed.

For someone with a smaller budget, Nick offers value-for-money hair services that will definitely exceed your expectations with skill, knowledge and sincerity.

An up and coming stylist you would not want to miss!


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