KAZ Osegi- Devonshire Japanese Hair Salon @ Devonshire Somerset (Previously Risel Japanese Hair Salon)

There is a reason for everything – from the way your hair grows, why certain colours fade faster than others and even for thinning hair. My hope is to get to the bottom of things and help customers deal with their hair-related problems, one at a time.

KAZ Osegi
StylistatDevonshire Japanese Hair Salon @ Devonshire Somerset (Previously Risel Japanese Hair Salon)

Devonshire Japanese Hair Salon @ Devonshire Somerset (Previously Risel Japanese Hair Salon)


Ever wished you had a multi-talented butler who’d proactively solve all your hair problems every time you go to him? We found him in KAZ. A haircare sommelier, scalp meister, haircut specialist and a celebrity stylist all rolled into one. This Japanese stylist has over 15 years of experience at a luxury hair salon in Ginza serving celebrities and customers used to the highest level of service.

He doesn’t talk a lot but customers who go to him rave about how he is able to attentively pre-empt what you need even before you verbalise it. That means having drinks on your table right before you feel thirsty, blankets even before you get cold and even throat-soothing candy when he spots your throat feeling a little irritated. It is in these small details that get even the wealthy in Singapore going to KAZ.

It isn’t just his service that’s great. His skills in haircut have been endorsed by peers in Japan, having been featured in magazines such as Choki Choki for best ladies’ haircut for semi-long hair and best men’s cut. KAZ is so good, he was even invited to Germany to test Wella Illumina colours! His cuts and colours are popular as KAZ doesn’t just make sure that your hair looks good today; KAZ takes the initiative to plan for hairstyles in your following 3 visits, as it evolves towards your desired hairstyle. Beyond hair, his curiosity in scalp care has him going for training after training, making him one of the few Japanese experts on scalp and hair health.

If you are someone who prefers to have your stylist decide everything for you and don’t mind having a slightly quieter stylist, KAZ may be the value-for-money celebrity stylist you’re looking for!

The only problem? His command of English is still relatively limited. While he can understand most of what we say, he still requires the help of a translator (who is always around in Devonshire) for a more in depth consultation. To prevent miscommunication, we would therefore recommend that you bring along photos if you have a specific look in mind!