To me, hairdressing is not just a career. It's a passion that allows me to work wonders for the people I meet, everyday!

Ricky Wang
StylistatThe Bund @ Ang Mo Kio Bishan Park

The Bund @ Ang Mo Kio Bishan Park

Ang Mo Kio Ave 1

From his amazing haircutting skills to his sincerity and awesome service, there's a lot we love about Ricky, one of the best hairstylists we've met for classy and professional precision bob haircuts in Singapore!

Give his bob haircut a go and you'll know what we mean. Whether 1 day later or a few weeks later, you'll find that your hair is still as easily manageable as ever because Ricky takes the time and effort to make sure that every hair line is cut to perfection. This is probably the reason why he was one of the top students during his time in Vidal Sassoon more than 10 years ago. 

As he expects a lot from himself, he dedicates sufficient time for every customer and in fact takes only a maximum of 7 customers a day. This commitment to quality is unlike most stylists we've met and is possibly a reason why most customers love his haircut! Haircut aside, Ricky has also been upping his skill level in colours and was one of the first few to experiment with new techniques after going for various workshops overseas. 

As good as his hair services are, Ricky's genuine personality and sincere service is the major reason why most customers return to him. He doesn't often recommend hair services or hair products unless you ask for it (or unless your hair really really needs it). He also makes the effort to remember the last conversation with each customer and has built strong friendships with most customers over the years. 

A skillful and genuine hairstylist who is definitely a rare find in Singapore!


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