It is my responsibility as a stylist to keep upgrading my skills and make sure that I am at the forefront of hairdressing.

Top Stylist atCOVO Japanese Hair Salon @ Katong

COVO Japanese Hair Salon @ Katong


We've met many Japanese stylists but Sara is only one who has had such extensive training experience at Vidal Sassoon. On top of going to London for training every year, Sara also took a year of sabbatical off work to train full time in Vidal Sassoon London. This is the extent of her passion and commitment towards excellence in her craft. 

Unsurprisingly, Sara's cut is AMONG THE BEST we've experienced thus far. There is a structure to her cut, a soft texture that balances between style and maintenance that is highly raved among customers! We're not the only one who think so; Sara's excellent technical cut has won her National Haircut Contest organized by Vidal Sassoon in Tokyo. The achievement is so momentous that she was featured in a newspaper in Kobe for the achievement. 

Haircut isn't all though. Aside from her gorgeous highlight techniqued learned once again from Vidal Sassoon, Sara is one of the few stylists in Singapore who is professionally trained to help you put on your Kimono. The process of putting on a Kimono is actually a very complex process; wearers often need help putting it on and styling the bow at the back. In fact, the process is so difficult that stylists have to undergo years of training and pass a test before they can be professionally certified to do so. Having learned the art of Kimono for the past 20 years, however, Sara makes it look effortless as she explained each step in fluent English.

Overall, Sara is a gem of a stylist you definitely shouldn't miss in Katong! Beyond her technical skill, she is friendly, bubbly and really easy to talk to, so you can be sure that you'll get a great hair experience with her. 


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