atDu Sol Korean Hair Salon @ Scotts Square

Sean (Director Stylist)

I don't overhype what I do or make promises I can't keep. I want to surprise and give customers a hairstyle they love so much, they can't help coming back!

Sean (Director Stylist)
DirectoratDu Sol Korean Hair Salon @ Scotts Square

Du Sol Korean Hair Salon @ Scotts Square

Scotts Square

A stylist who prefers to stay beneath the radar, Sean is just the sort of hidden gem that you would only hear being raved about from friends and those in the know! He does not sponsor bloggers, do magazine shoots or appear in TV shows but when customers try his haircuts and perms for the first time, they can't help coming back (and bringing their family, spouses and friends) the next time around! He doesn't take many customer photos but we can't help but be wowed when we saw his perms and haircuts on actual customers when we're at Du Sol; they look like what you expect on celebrities in magazines! 

Sean may not be very talkative but he exudes a charming sincerity and humility that puts us at ease. He doesn't sell hair services that customers do not need because he believes that customers will only come back if you deliver more value than what is paid. Therefore, Sean focuses a lot of his effort on the consultation so that he knows exactly what customers want, a possible reason why the hair outcomes turn out so well!

Whether you are male or female looking for haircuts and perms, Sean is unequivocally one of the best Korean hairstylists you'd ever get to try in Singapore. 

Do however note that he is so popular that it can be hard to book an appointment with him... so try to make your reservation 1 or 2 weeks in advance!