All of us are many different people: a friend, a spouse, a parent, a boss, a colleague, a subordinate and a customer all at the same time. I want to help bring out your true potential and put your best face forward as all of the above with a hair makeover and image change that gets people talking positively about you!

DirectoratBe Salon @ Millenia Walk

Be Salon @ Millenia Walk

Millenia Walk

If there is one stylist your best buddy, boyfriend and even your boss would recommend you to, it’s gonna be Sham. He is the bro you never knew you had, the listening ear you needed and that trendy image consultant all rolled into one. Not contented to come up with just any beautiful hairstyle, he is the type of stylist who will put himself in your shoes, think through all the different roles you have to take on and come up with various looks that best suits you AT THE LOWEST PRICE POSSIBLE. He does it SO well that he has bosses asking the entire department to go to him for a hair makeover because he knows just how to give your personal brand that uplift.

Not bad for someone who looks so friendly and laidback all the time. In reality though, Sham is far from being laidback. One of the most driven hairstylists we know, Sham was one of the youngest hairstylists to rise through the ranks in Kimage, proactively upgrade himself by going to Vidal Sassoon London, Vidal Sassoon Shanghai and Debut Academy!

That is why his haircut and hair colours are clearly way better than most stylists we’ve met.

Despite his well-rounded skills though, Sham does have one speciality close to his heart and that is texture control. Due to his Indian heritage, Sham found it really difficult to manage curly hair while he was still a teenager. He then ventured into hairdressing to find out how he could do so and years later, innovated with various solutions to come up with hybrid straightening and treatment solutions to help customers control their frizz and manage their hair more easily.

The only problem? He is SO popular that it is difficult to get a slot with him. Count yourself lucky if you do, because you’ll be in for a 360 transformation that may just change your life!


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