Facial Therapist
atThe Bund Beauty @ Ang Mo Kio Bishan Park


No matter how difficult it is, I regard it as a personal challenge to cure the acne problem of whoever I meet. Therefore, I ask for your trust and patience to walk this journey with us!

Facial TherapistatThe Bund Beauty @ Ang Mo Kio Bishan Park

The Bund Beauty @ Ang Mo Kio Bishan Park

Ang Mo Kio Ave 1

There are some facial therapists who merely go through the motion because this is their job but Shireena is not one of them. Talk to her and you'll sense a certain fire in her, particularly when she talks about acne. She attributes this passion to the many lives she has personally seen transformed after learning Winnie's acne-control techniques six years ago.

While she herself has never been plagued by acne, Shireena saw how clearing acne boosted the confidence of the many ladies she met. From a student on the brink of suicide to anxious women who feel unpretty before their wedding, clearer skin gave many of these women back their self-worth and even helped them perform better at work. Most importantly, this was achieved not via harsh facial treatments or forceful painful extractions but a more sustainable facial regimen inclusive of gentle extractions backed with skincare knowledge that showed results in as short as 2 months. 

That's why each facial is an experience that customers look forward to... not just a torturous process to go through. Shireena's facial massage is soooo good that almost 100% of customers fall asleep somewhere along the facial. Despite her already awesome skill, she continues to upgrade herself and read up on techniques to keep improving her massage and extraction skill, a reason why she too counts many lawyers, doctors, bankers and engineers as part of her burgeoning loyal custoer base. 

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