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It is not sufficient for the hairstyle to look good on its own. The hairstyle must work with your face shape, head shape, makeup and outfit to form an image you want to portray. That's why I never fixate myself with what hairstyle is good for each customer. The key is figuring out the personality and the image, and the rest will follow.

Shun Sakurai
DirectoratShun Sakurai Hair & Beauty @ Conrad Singapore Orchard

Shun Sakurai Hair & Beauty @ Conrad Singapore Orchard


In every sense of the word, Shunsuke Sakurai is an OUTSTANDING hairstylist. He won numerous hair competitions in Japan, styled for top brands such as Chanel and in Singapore, reached the position of Top Stylist in Kizuki+LIM really quickly. Even now, haircare manufacturers are jostling to get him to be their ambassador. 

Once you give him a try, you'll understand all the hype surrounding Shun. No matter what hair type you have or how badly your previous haircut may be, Shun will design a hairstyle that gets you loads of compliments... even without blowdrying! That's probably why so many actors, actresses, musicians and models (in Tokyo) and Designers, Artists and Doctors (in Singapore) go to him.

You'd think that someone as distinguished as Shun would turn his nose up high but to our surprise, Shun is possibly THE MOST HUMBLE person we've met. Instead of dismissing your concern like what some "expert" hairstylists would do, Shun will listen patiently about what bugs you, your expectations for the hair service and even, your life. Maybe because he is a much better listener than the typical stylist and a shrewd judge of character, Shun is able to create a hairstyle JUST FOR YOU, incorporating small details that make his haircut a perfect one.You don't even need to blowdry if you do not have time for it!

Although Shun is best known for his haircut, his voracity to find out about latest hair technology made him an expert on perms and straightening. Having experimented with most brands available in the market, Shun knows the strengths and weaknesses of every product and is therefore able to maximize the properties of every one of them. Combine that with his strength in haircut and you've got an instagrammable perm you can boast to your friends about. 

Whether you're thinking of a haircut or perm, Shun is a gem of a hairstylist we can't stop raving about! 

P.S. Shun however has a pretty packed schedule so you may have to book ahead of time to secure an appointment with him!


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