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Shun Sakurai Hair & Beauty @ Conrad Singapore Orchard

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15% off All Menu for first time customer only(WEEKDAY ONLY)

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$200 for Full Hair Set + Make (ROM Photoshoot) up for first time customer for stylist Tomoka


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$390 for Advante Smooth(Anti-frizzing TR) (U.P.: $438)

Haircut, Treatment

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$298 for Cut + colour (single color) + treatment (home care treatment) Any length for first time customer only

Haircut, Colour, Treatment

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Many ladies in Singapore lack confidence not because they are not pretty but because they don't know what they can do to bring out their natural beauty. At Shun Sakurai, my dream is to transform lives, one at a time, to help customers see how gorgeous they are with a complete, easily manageable hair and makeup makeover - no plastic surgery needed!

Founder of Shun Sakurai


Can't find the very famous Japanese Stylist Shun from Kizuki? The one renowned for his awesome haircutting skills especially for curly hair or difficult-to-manage hair textures.

We finally found him at his charming salon in CHIMES.

The place isn't huge but that's possibly part of the draw. With semi-private spaces adorned with greenery, the salon is a cozy place

To be honest, the decor isn't the main draw of the place. interior looks relatively simple with a more natural concept although we do like the semi-private spaces they erect for every customer.

Nevertheless, the decor isn't its biggest draw. Other than the convenient yet tranquil location at Chijmes, what really got us excited was the Stylist Team and fresh new concept espoused by Shun.

More than just another Japanese hair salon, Shun Sakurai aims to offer all customers a Total Makeover.

A makeover session at Shun begins with a thorough consultation that will give you a more in-depth knowledge of your own face shape, skin colour, head shape as well as lifestyle. Your stylist will then design a hairstyle and colour based on your preference and suggest makeup styles that can match your hair and what you wear.

For a makeup novice like us, this is a dream come true because we always had trouble choosing and matching hair, bronzer, blusher and lip colour. For once, there is a professional who would actually do that for us... and the professional is the stylish and gorgeous Tomoka who hails all the way from Japan.

Back that up with Shun's amazing hairdressing skill and you've got an unbeatable combination! Whether you're talking about haircut or perm, Shun is considered one of the best in Singapore; Shun is extremely well known in Singapore's hairdressing circle because he has been invited by not just one but three different haircare manufacturers to teach and share his skills!

Discerning customers, especially, graphic designers, architects and musicians go to Shun for a haircut because his haircuts are easy to maintain AND unique. His experience make him popular among customers from many nationalities including Caucasian, Indian and Chinese customers because he knows what to do to manipulate the different hair textures.

The same goes for his volume rebonding and cut. A professional through and through, Shun will use a haircare product until he finds out and maximizes it's every single characteristic. That's why Shun uses only the best and most premium haircare products in the market, including the latest Tokio Inkarami as well as Paimore GRATS. Add that to his precise processing of perms and rebonding are very precise, allowing for beautiful and natural looking curls / straightening like this:

While Shun is very clearly a superstar, Fumie and Tomoka are not far behind. Having worked in Hong Kong for 5 years and Tokyo for 10, Fumie is able to draw on the latest trends in both Hong Kong and Tokyo to give Singaporean customers a trendy haircut they can easily style at home. She can speak fluent English and a bit of Cantonese too! As for Tomoka, we've already mentioned about her earlier, a talented makeup artist and hairstylist who always looks so gorgeous! Her stylish ensemble and flawless makeup make Tomoka someone we'd love to learn from and emulate!

More than just a typical Japanese salon, Shun Sakurai offers a fresh new Total Makeover concept, awesome hairstylists, cozy ambience, premium hairecare products, reasonable prices and personalised service we don't often experience.

Overall, a salon we're very confident to recommend!

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  • Unique concept offering top to toe makeover combining traditional hair services with makeup
  • Tranquil surroundings within Chijmes make it feel like a hideaway within the city
  • Founded by Top Japanese Hairstylist Shun Sakurai, one of Singapore's most skillful in haircut and most popular!
  • He is popular among customers from many nationalities including Caucasians, Indian, Chinese and many others.
  • All hairstylists here are Japanese
  • Due to his high standards, Shun uses only the best hair products he has personally tested. He doesn't ally to any one brand and restrict customer choice.
  • Shun and his team is excellent with Perms and Volume Rebonding using Tokio de Sinka and Paimore GRATS
  • Shun and Fumie are fluent in English
  • Cozy salon with lots of private spaces and relaxing music
  • Not difficult to find parking
  • The receptionist is a English-Japanese translator
  • Stylists usually take one customer at a time, with the exception of Shun whose popularity mean that he may have to deal with more than 1 customer at a time.


  • Interior of salon is simple and natural but not particularly luxurious.
  • 5 min walk away from City Hall MRT.
  • Not the cheapest hair salon out there.
  • Not the most luxurious hair salon out there.

What Other People Say

Loving It

Ms Lin

November 07, 2020

very nice experience

Review for Tomoka

Tomoka is very sweet, patient and professional. I really appreciate her time and service.

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Yi Rui

October 16, 2019

Review for Tomoka

Review for Tomoka

Superb haircut & tokio inkarami treatment by Tomoka! She was very patient, friendly & professional. Not only that, her head massage is simply awesome. She also shares about makeup tips. Will definitely look for her again!


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Hui ling

September 29, 2018

Great cut & service! Value for money

Review for Fumie

Love the cut Fumie gave me. :) I didn't really have an idea of style to go for and my crazy dry hair was just looking pretty sad.. Her advice was very much appreciated, and the end result looks great! ;D She's also pretty thorough and goes through with you the steps, making sure you understand and agrees to what's going to be done :) Upfront with the cost too, which is always good.

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Sue Tok

August 19, 2018

Haircut and rebond

Review for Tomoka

Tomoka is my stylist. We started with determining the hair length and straightness of the rebonding that I want. Most salons won't ask how straight you want but Japanese salons with Japanese stylists do, which is good. I used to go to another Japanese salon but am trying out Shun Sakurai to give myself more options and to compare the difference. She recommended the spa rebonding which included treatment and explained how she would do the rebonding where the sides will be done flat down and the center portion will be done backwards so that it isn't dead flat. This is something new for me and good so that I don't end up with flat plastered hair like how most non-Japanese salons do it! Before cutting my hair, she explained the steps and time involved to be sure I know I am going to be in that chair for hours! During the process, Tomoka would let me know which step of the treatment too. After we are all done, she also recommended that I should come and do treatment about 3-4 months after rebonding as the ends tend to dry out. She also advised how we should dry our hair starting from the back and from the roots instead of starting from the top. She was pleasantly surprised I do just that! I must say I am very happy with the end result of my hair. It is a relatively quiet and clutter-free environment. I like how it is peaceful as I prefer my haircuts quiet and peaceful. The only cons will be that the cost is pricier than a Japanese salon where they are already slightly pricey than most others. One particular pro is its relatively central location and ease of booking which some other such salons lack.

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June 29, 2018

Great hair cut and make up by Tomoka

Review for Tomoka

Very impressed with Tomoka’s ability to transform my hair to fit my face shape. She also shared a lot of great makeup tips.

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Fiza Ishk

June 28, 2018

A lovely treat :)

Review for Tomoka

My first visit to Shun Sakurai and I had Tomoka as my stylist. I was greeted with a friendly smile, the moment i entered the salon. Tomoka was very considerate and accommodating. She does speak limited English, but well enough to understand what you want for your hair. She gave me good advice on what style and colour matched my face shape/skin tone and it turned out great! She also shared eye make up tips for me which worked well on me. This visit is definitely not my last!

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Evelyn Chen

June 23, 2018

Definitely in good hands

Review for Shun Sakurai

Both myself and my husband have been with Shun for years, followed him from Kizuki. Sharp eyed and assuring to entrust him with my hair cut and color; and knew exactly what looks best on us.

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