I serve customers not just for their hair but to satisfy their hearts.

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Kimistry Hair Boutique

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Don't underestimate Shuya's capability and creativity just because he looks shy and quiet at first glance! This is one stylist who has won multiple contests and hair shows designing bright and bold hair colours over his past 11 years of hairdressing back in Japan. He's however so humble, you'd not hear him brag about it. 

Instead, what you will find is Shuya bringing around a notebook for English phrases, jotting down new phrases as he does his best to add to his English vocabulary. This is Shuya: a earnest hardworking hairstylist who always looks for ways to improve himself. It is this perseverance and positive nature that got him picking up hairdressing to manage his own curly hair and the same perseverance that got him promoted to a Top Stylist and Store Manager in Japan. Hoping to share what he has picked up in Japan and continue his learning journey, Shuya moved to Singapore to help more people here coiffure their hair and experience the Japanese omotenashi.

With his extensive experience in haircuts, inspired creativity in colours and conscientious personality, Shuya is a great choice for anyone looking for a skilful all-rounded Japanese stylist!