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atNook Hair Salon @ Duxton Hill


No one is ever ordinary. My personal challenge is to bring out different parts of yourself you didn't even know exist!

Director/Top StylistatNook Hair Salon @ Duxton Hill

Nook Hair Salon @ Duxton Hill

Duxton Hill

Don't dismiss his skill simply because of his chiseled good looks though; Sone is a celebrated stylist who has earned many accolades in both Japan and Singapore. Having emerged top 5 out of over 10,000 stylists in the Kanto region Hairstyling Competition and earning the Gold Award, Sone's skill has been endorsed not just by customers but also by many in the industry. In fact, many top salons in Singapore and South East Asia often invite him as a guest lecturer to share his skills, particularly in colours and cut. With just one look, he can immediately identify the perfect shade of brown that will match your skin tone. Customers however are particularly in LOVE with the unique colour tones he is able to conjure. From purple ash to silver blue hair, he has this magical ability to bring out your ethereal vibe for that uniquely instagrammable photo. Even if you need to make it work-friendly, he has this special technique to add a grey ash ombre to spice up your professional side. Just visit his Instagram page @sone_sg to what we mean!

Consistently ranked among Beauty Undercover's most good-looking male stylists, So-ne is one of the few male hairstylists blessed with the looks, talent and charisma in a killer combination that has gotten many of us swooning. 

If your idea of a great hair experience is one that incorporates a unique hair design and fun conversations in a uber comfy environment, Sone is definitely a Japanese stylist you cannot miss!

Despite his many achievements and popularity, Sone doesn't let that get to his head. This is one stylist who genuinely cherishes each customer, putting only his ultimate best for every one of them. He doesn't just go straight to the hair service but takes the effort to understand who you are to design something suitable for you. Having worked in Singapore for more than 3 years, he is now fluent in Singlish so you don't have to worry about miscommunication. In fact, you'll be surprised by how well he knows Singapore and our local personalities like Xiaxue! He even has his own YouTube channel “Sone Stylist” where he shares about his adventures in Singapore - both hair and non-hair related!