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Timz Tsen

Timz Tsen- Kimistry Hair Boutique

Together with clients, I hope to push the boundaries of hair to create hair works that lead the industry.

Timz Tsen
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Scotts Square

Don't let his usual dao face intimidate you. Those who have gotten their hair done by him know that Timz is one of the MOST PATIENT hairstylists you could ever meet in Singapore. No matter how difficult your hair requirements are or how fussy you may be with your hair colour, Timz will be able to explain to you patiently about what is best for your needs. He credits this training to his many years working at Singapore's most inflamous celebrity salon serving celebrities as well as some really demanding customers in the upper echelons of society. That explains why his service is tip top; from the moment you enter till the moment you leave, Timz ensure that you are happy and comfortable at all times. He is also incredibly easy to relate to, making conversation with him particularly smooth. of. 

Timz's wonderful service isn't the only reason why we're so enthralled with him though. The moment we saw his hair photos, we KNEW that we've discovered a gem; Timz's balayage painting and big wave curls are SO pretty, it got our hearts thumping real fast. Is he REALLY just an artistic stylist? If so, he must be one of the best kept secrets we've just uncovered!