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Beauty to me, is not just haircut, makeup or outfit alone. It is an awareness of who you are, how you look and what you can do to take care of yourself better. Where possible, I would like to share some tips I've learned over the years to help you transform your overall wellness and beauty!

Top StylistatShun Sakurai Hair & Beauty @ Conrad Singapore Orchard

Shun Sakurai Hair & Beauty @ Conrad Singapore Orchard


With a dazzling glow illuminating her flawless skin, Tomoka is the very image of the ideal Japanese lady in our minds: elegant, beautiful, petite, gentle and very polite! At first glance, we had an inkling that this is someone who is highly disciplined and takes care of herself and the people around her really well. And we are right!

Before coming to Singapore, Tomoka served at high end hair and beauty salons back in Japan, counting Japanese Tai-Tais at the upper echelons of society as her customers. She didn't just cut and style hair for the Tai-Tais, Tomoka also helped them with makeup and even outfit selection so that customers can arrive at events with dignity and style, making her an invaluable image consultant and friend.

That's the sort of person Tomoka is. Very attentive to details, Tomoka puts herself in the shoes of her customers to see how she can better their lives. She doesn't just do what customers say they want to do though. The thorough her will listen to their needs and takes into consideration their lifestyle, character before coming up with BOTH a hairstyle AND makeup style that would suit their everyday look.

No matter whether customers are here for a colour, rebonding, perm or cut, Tomoka value adds with something more than just a typical hair service and for that, we found her an experience with her rather memorable. 

The only con is that her command of English still has quite a bit of room for improvement so she will need the help of a translator. 

If you can look past that however, you may just find yourself getting a total makeover that will positively surprise you!


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$200 for Full Hair Set + Make (ROM Photoshoot) up for first time customer for stylist Tomoka


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