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athaarAttic @ Keong Saik and Boat Quay


Xinli- haarAttic @ Keong Saik and Boat Quay

It may be cliche but I truly believe that haircut and colour can change a person's life. My job is to transform the lives of others, one haircut at a time.

Stylist (Boat Quay)athaarAttic @ Keong Saik and Boat Quay

haarAttic @ Keong Saik and Boat Quay

7A Neil Road, Boat Quay

Xin Li may not be the loudest stylist out there but don't underestimate this budding stylist. Extremely passionate about hair, Xin Li is a stylist who spends her free time thinking and training her haircutting and colouring techniques. Ask her about cuts and you can literally see her eyes light up; whether you're thinking of Korean-style soft layered haircuts or a suave undercut for men, Xin Li has mastered them thanks to rigorous training by Max.

And you can certainly see the hard work she put in. From the structured way she approaches the cut to the effort she puts in to ensure the consistency and a softness to the finishing, Xin Li takes every detail into account, a reason why her cut can last more than 5 weeks for men and 4 months for ladies. While we may not go as far to say that she is a mini-Max, her cut definitely exceeds many stylists with equivalent years of experience, a legacy that Max has painstakingly passed down to his protege.

Skill aside, Xin Li is very attentive. You won’t find hair getting tugged or stray hairs getting into her mask simply because she is so careful with her cut. Xin Li has also won fans for her balayage hair colouring as well because she is able to make bright hair colours look effortlessly stylish.

If you’re one who prefer a feminine touch in delivering a top-notch haircut and colour, Xin Li should definitely be among your top choices for a value-for-money cut at haarAttic!