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atMi The Salon @ ION Orchard


A great haircut lays the essential groundwork for a hairstyle tailored for your facial features!

Leading StylistatMi The Salon @ ION Orchard

Mi The Salon @ ION Orchard

ION Orchard

Of all the hairstylists we’ve seen at Salon Vim, Ymond is possibly one of the most knowledgeable, particularly in haircutting techniques! On top of going for Vidal Sassoon London and participating in various workshops in Singapore, Ymond continuously thinks about how he can improving his sectioning and cutting techniques to bring out various hairstyles. It is therefore not a surprise to find that he is one of Salon Vim’s inhouse instructors actively involved in teaching and mentoring young stylists and assistants to further improve their skills.

Other than within Salon Vim, Ymond’s skills are also widely acknowledged by his customers. Even way before 2011, we’ve heard about Ymond and his wonderful cuts and perms from friends, forums and blogs online! Instead of turning complacent over his popularity, the softspoken Ymond sees this as an encouragement to continue working hard to improve his skill and share his knowledge with fellow stylists.

This down-to-earth personality of his together with his drive to continually upgrade himself makes him one of our go-to stylists for Salon Vim!