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COVO Japanese Hair Salon @ Katong


This fashionable and trendy Japanese stylist doesn't just have experience working in Japan, she worked as a hairstylist in Canada and Shanghai, each for a year and in Singapore for more than 3 years! Thanks to her bubbly personality, extensive travels and varied interests in Volleyball and photography, we can't stop talking to her each time we go to her. 

Have you met a Japanese stylist who can speak English fluently with a smattering of Chinese phrases in between? Yumi is our first. 

What you'll love about Yumi is that her hairstyle design can be very versatile. Previously passionate about loud colours in Singapore, she was highly demanded for trendy ash hair colours. Her time at a luxury hair salon in Shanghai has however seen her hone her skills in Korean-style hair colours and styling that was very popular among Chinese ladies then. Her ability to integrate edgy hair trends with classic gorgeous hairstyles has hence won her numerous fans both in China and in Singapore. 


Above all though, her passion is in hair and beauty. Maybe because she felt suppressed in her high school years when fashion is a no-no while playing volleyball, Yumi is particularly interested in hair and beauty after graduation from high school. Talk to her about fashion in the UK, Japan, Paris, Canada and Shanghai and she'll be able to share with you the styles she prefers and why! She will also be able to incorporate your usual fashion with your hairstyle to create a whole new image for yourself! 

Whether you're going for a full makeover or just wish to insert some jazz in your hairstyle, we're confident that Yumi will deliver it and more, with her skill, enthusiasm and eye for beauty!


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